Brazil-Sweden Seminar on Aeronautical Cooperation

8th Brazilian Swedish Workshop in Aeronautics.

The event in Belo Horizonte (MG) will have representatives from both countries to exchange experiences. At the time, the parties will exchange information on the status of bilateral cooperation, plans for the future, success stories, potential spillovers to other sectors, and other issues. There will be lectures on Brazil and Sweden innovations system, motivations for cooperation and the long-term national and bilateral benefits, ongoing successful projects and the bilateral cooperation model with potential transfer to other sectors of society. On going projects, study since 2015, will be considered in their present assessment, an new one, as well.

About the event

The meeting will feature presentations from stakeholders from Sweden and Brazil, present case studies of the projects in progress. The portfolio of innovation projects will be presented as well, which have great potential for application in other sectors of the economy. The event will be carried on during the ICAS Cogress in Brazil.
14/09/2018 - Seminar
Local Contact :
Prof PhD Carlos Alberto Cimini Junior DESS-UFMG
phone: +55 (31) 99584-4843

Programming Projects


Centro de Convenções (ICAS) e Escola de Engenharia (Workshops).
Expominas: Av. Amazonas, 6200 - Gameleira, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30510-000
Workshop Brasil-Sweden: Escola de Engenharia - Auditório.
Av. Antonio Carlos 6627 - Pampulha Campus UFMG - 31270-901 - Belo Horizonte - MG

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